Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my order?

Processing times are 1-3 weeks prior to shipment.

You will receive a tracking email from USPS once your order is sent.

How long will my order take?

Processing time for regular nail sets is currently 1-2 weeks prior to shipment.

Orders with more than one set and/or custom nail sets may take up to 3 weeks processing time.

For rush processing, please email us prior to ordering.

How do I find my sizes?

To find your sizing, you can measure or purchase a size kit. A size kit is highly recommended to ensure exact sizing.

Can I file my press on nails?

Filing the press on nails is not recommended as the nail edges strengthen the bond between the gel coatings and the false nail.

If you do file or shorten your press ons, restrengthen the entire nail and edge with a layer of UV cure top coat.

How long do press ons last?

Press on nails last anywhere from a few days to 3 weeks or more depending on the application method.

We offer three different methods so you can decide the longevity of your press ons!

What if I break or lose a nail?

If a nail is lost or damaged, you can order a replacement. Order replacement nails here.

Can I order more than 10 nails?

At this time, we do not offer sets containing more than 10 nails.

If 20 nails are needed, please order two 10 nail sets.

Do press on nails damage your nails?

Press on nails themselves will not damage your natural nails as long as they are used properly.

Most instances of damage occur during the removal process. It's important to follow the proper removal procedures and wait the appropriate length of time before attempting to remove the press on nails.

It is highly recommended that press ons attached with glue are not removed until at least 1 week later.