Our Mission

At FancyB Nails, our purpose is to deliver exceptional value and genuine care by going beyond a simple nail experience. We are committed to providing a positive self-care journey. Our dedication surpasses the sale of nails; it's about creating an atmosphere where you can truly indulge in pampering yourself.

We understand the demands of a busy lifestyle and the constant struggle to find time for self-care. That's why we are dedicated to empowering you to reclaim those precious moments without compromising on quality or convenience.

Life is more than just the daily grind. It's about reconnecting with your true essence, embracing your unique purpose, and finding harmony amidst the chaos. FancyB Nails is here to support you on this beautiful journey, helping you find a perfect balance between work, life, and self-expression.

Join us in prioritizing your self-care and rediscover the beauty of embracing your authentic self.

About the Owner

Kari started FancyB Nails with a heartfelt purpose in mind. Recognizing the need for convenient yet high quality nails, she embarked on a mission to cater to individuals who desired effortless beauty without compromising on quality. Being a busy individual herself, Kari understood the struggle of finding time for self-care and was determined to change that narrative. As a career-oriented woman, she knew the pressure to conform to societal expectations was a daily battle that took its toll. However, she believed that through small acts of self-care, one could improve their inner strength and tune out the noise from the outside world.

Driven by a desire to make a difference, Kari didn't stop at merely providing exceptional nail products. She also sought to infuse positivity into the lives of her customers. Understanding the power of inspiration, she began including thoughtful and uplifting quotes with every order, ensuring that they received not just beautiful nails, but also a boost of motivation. With FancyB Nails, Kari aims to deliver salon-quality nails right at your doorstep, effortlessly enhancing your beauty and empowering you with a moment of self-indulgence.