Product & Sizing Disclosure



Reading through the product descriptions and understanding what is being purchased is the responsibility of the buyer. FancyB will not be responsible for misinterpretations of what is being purchased. Product descriptions are detailed and clear and we are available to answer questions prior to all purchases.


Measurements may vary depending on the method and tools used. Cuticle curvature varies between nail shapes and may cause one size to fit you perfectly and another to feel loose or tight. It is highly recommended that a FancyB size kit is purchased for different nail shapes and lengths. XS, S, M & L vary between different press on nail shops. To ensure proper fit, please order a FancyB brand size kit.
***Purchasing a size kit prior to purchasing any 10 piece set is highly recommended. 24 piece sets include two of every nail size but do NOT match the 10 piece or size kit sizes as they use a different kind of nail. Finding your sizes for a 10 piece set must be done via measuring or using a size kit.***


24 piece sets use a different kind of nails to ensure a wide variety of size availability. Nails included in a 24 piece set are NOT the same as nails used for a 10 piece set. 10 piece nail set sizes can only be determined by measuring or by using a size kit.
*Using a 24 piece set to determine sizes for a 10 piece set will not yield accurate results.*


All of our nails are handmade and may have slight variations and differences from images provided.
When requesting custom designs, it is important to note that there may be variations in the final result due to different interpretations of the details provided. Therefore, it is crucial to include as many specific details and images as possible in the request form.


To ensure the integrity and health of the natural nail, it is strongly advised against forcibly removing artificial nails. Premature and forceful removal may result in damage to the natural nails. Should difficulties arise when following the specified removal instructions, it is advisable to postpone the removal process, thus minimizing potential harm through premature removal.
It is essential for the preservation of nail health that the artificial nails are fitted neither too loosely nor too tightly. The customer acknowledges the necessity of selecting the appropriate size for their nails by purchasing a size kit, as well as the importance of their upkeep and removal in accordance with the provided guidelines.
If natural nails are not inherently strong, it is advised to refrain from forcibly removing press-on nails until they begin to detach on their own. Press on nails are designed for temporary aesthetic enhancement only and should never be employed continuously over extended durations. Periodic breaks from the use of press on nails is recommended.
*FancyB is not responsible for sizing issues, differences in custom design interpretation, nail damage, or misunderstanding of stated product information.