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How to Measure your Nails.

Follow the steps below to get an approximate measurement of each fingernail, or purchase a size kit to be exact.

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Step 1: Place a piece of clear tape across your nail.

Step 2: Press down at the creases and mark with a marker. This will give you the full curve width of your fingernail.

Step 3: Remove the tape and place it along the cm/mm side of a ruler (not the inches side).

  • Measure to the outer edge of each marker line for best results.
  • In this example, the nail measures 12mm.

Step 4: Repeat this process for each fingernail.

Selecting your Sizes

When you order a nail set, you will see the following size options:

XS 14/11/12/10/8

S 15/12/13/11/8

M 16/12/13/11/9

L 17/13/14/12/10

Custom: If you don't fit any of these exactly, you will select 'custom' in the size dropdown.

This will open a text field where you can type your sizes.

Get an Exact Fit

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