how to find your nail sizes

  • Step 1: Tape

    Place a piece of clear tape across your natural nail. Press down into the creases so the tape is covering the entire curve/width of your nail.

    *This will not work properly if you're wearing false nails.

  • Step 2: Mark

    Mark the tape at the creases on both sides. This will give you the full curve width of your fingernail.

  • Step 3: Measure

    Remove the tape and place it along the centimeter side of a ruler (not the inches side).

    • Measure to the outer edge of each mark for best results.
    • In this example, the nail measures 12mm.

    Repeat the entire process for each nail. Nails may be different sizes on each hand.

Selecting your size when ordering

When you order a nail set, you will see five size options:

  • XS 14/11/12/10/8

  • S 15/12/13/11/8

  • M 16/12/13/11/9

  • L 17/13/14/12/10

  • Custom

If you don't fit any of the pre-set size options, select the custom option in the size dropdown. A text field will appear where you can type your exact sizes.

If you're still unsure, you can purchase a size kit prior to ordering nails.

Shop Size Kits
All available nail shapes. Short squoval, medium squoval, extra short coffin, short coffin, medium coffin, long coffin, extra short oval, short oval, extra short almond, short almond, long almond, short stiletto, medium stiletto, long stiletto, extra long stiletto size kits.