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10 Pieces | Made to Order

Tailored to perfection, the 10 Piece Signature Sets embody sophistication and personal touch. Made to order, these sets promise an exclusive addition to your ensemble. Unique benefits:

  • Customized Fit: By knowing your sizes, these sets offer a seamless, natural look.
  • Signature Designs: Created with the latest nail trends in mind, ensuring your nails stand out.
  • Craftsmanship: Each set is handcrafted, highlighting our commitment to quality and individuality.
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24 Pieces | Ready to Ship

For those who seek instant glamour without the wait, our 24 Piece Ready to Ship Sets are your go-to option. Crafted with care and ready for immediate dispatch, these sets ensure you're never out of style. Features include:

  • All Sizes Included: No need to know your nail sizes. We've got all bases covered, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.
  • Convenience: Swiftly shipped to your doorstep, these sets are perfect for spontaneous events or a quick style refresh.
  • Variety: A wide selection of designs, from the classic looks to the trendiest patterns.
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10 Pieces | Made to Order

Elevate your nail game with our utterly unique Custom 10 Piece Sets. Designed to reflect your personal style, these bespoke creations are as individual as you are. Features include:

  • Complete Personalization: From colors to patterns, design your dream nails.
  • Perfect Sizing: Like our Signature Sets, provide your sizes for a flawless fit.
  • Exclusive Experience: Work directly with the artist to bring your vision to life.
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Green emerald marble nails custom emerald nails from fancyb press on nails
Handmade press on nails ready to ship 24 pieces, all sizes included. Reusable luxury press on nails.
Custom psychedelic maximalist nails with colorful art, ocean beachy blue marble nails in short almond, custom floral nails with hand painted florals in almond shape, custom strawberry nails with hand painted strawberries, mini strawberries, red french accents custom request from FancyB nails
All available nail shapes. Short squoval, medium squoval, extra short coffin, short coffin, medium coffin, long coffin, extra short oval, short oval, extra short almond, short almond, long almond, short stiletto, medium stiletto, long stiletto, extra long stiletto size kits.

a variety of options

We offer a wide variety of nail shape and length options for our 10 piece nail sets.

Choose from short squoval, medium squoval, extra short coffin, short coffin, medium coffin, long coffin, extra short oval, short oval, short almond, long almond, short stiletto, medium stiletto, long stiletto, and extra long stiletto.

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Why we're different

  • Hand Crafted Products

    What sets us apart in the market is not just our exceptional product line but the intimate, handcrafted process behind each set. Each nail set is meticulously made by hand, ensuring unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

  • Talk to a Real Person

    Through direct communication, we can ensure your requests and preferences are perfectly understood and executed. No robots, just genuine, personalized service every step of the way.

  • A Touch of Positivity

    At the heart of our business is a desire to uplift and inspire. Every nail set comes with a special message of positivity, reminding you of your beauty, strength, and worth. We believe in the power of kind words and their ability to make a significant impact on your day and life.

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Hand painted, salon quality

Elevate your style with FancyB's custom press on nails — where every detail matters.

FancyBs passion for craftsmanship and personalized service sets us apart in a bustling market. Crafted by hand, each nail set is a masterpiece of elegance designed to connect, inspire, and perfectly fit your unique style. Ready for a quick style boost or a custom design just for you? Our trendy collections are here to deliver. Experience the art of handcrafted elegance with FancyB nails.

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