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Sizing Information

By checking the sizing information disclosure box at checkout, you are agreeing to and understand the following:

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Reading through the product descriptions and understanding what is being purchased is the reponsibility of the buyer. FancyB will not be responsible for misinterpretations of what is being purchased. Product descriptions are detailed and clear and we are always available to answer questions prior to all purchases.

SIZE VARIATION: A FancyB brand size kit is the only brand size kit that should be used to find sizing prior to ordering a FancyB brand nail set.

XS, S, M & L vary between different press on nail shops. To ensure proper fit, please order a FancyB size kit.

DESIGN VARIATION: All of our nails are handmade and may have slight variations and differences from images provided.

SIZE KITS: Measurements may vary depending on the method and tools used. Cuticle curvature varies between nail shapes and may cause one size to fit you perfectly and another to feel loose or tight.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended that a size kit for each nail shape you want is ordered prior to ordering a nail set.

MEASURE IN MILLIMETERS: Our nails are sized using millimeters. Clients are responsible for nail measuring and proper size selection. A size kit must be purchased prior to ordering a nail set, to ensure accurate sizing.

FancyB is not reponsible for nail sets that do not fit properly if a size kit was not ordered in the nail set shape and length, prior to purchasing the nail set.

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