Press on Nail Prep - Steps to Ensure your Press-ons won't Peel!

Press on Nail Prep - Steps to Ensure your Press-ons won't Peel!

We've all seen it before, press on nail gel that peels off the false nail! As a press on nail user this can be frustrating and should not be happening when you purchase from any professional press on nail brand.

Unfortunately, there's no way to tell if the press on nails you're buying are put through the proper preparation process. It's important to find a brand that you can trust when it comes to press on quality and longevity! As I always say, it's all in the prep!

Various, Important Steps

Think of painting false nails in a similar way to painting a car. If you aren't familiar with the process, there may be more steps than you think. You can't simply start painting a car that hasn't been prepped, because the paint will chip off quickly and you'll be left with a big mess. You also can't rush through the preparation process, sure the paint job may last longer, but you'll end up with more work down the road and an uneven paint job.

Just like a paint job on a car, press on nails have multiple preparation steps. One important thing to consider with blank false nails is the texture. Texture won't always work on its own, but it depends on what kind of texture the nails have. Blank false nails come in various finishes, there are smooth glossy nails which are completely see through, nails with texture that have a matte appearance, and nails that are pre-buffed also with a matte appearance. Each type of blank nail requires a different preparation process and it's important to understand the differences.

The Different Types of Blank Nails

At FancyB Nails, each kind of blank nail has been tested and put through various preparation processes to ensure longevity, regardless of what type of blank nail is used. 

Starting with the most involved preparation process is clear gloss finish nails. These nails are very commonly used in the press on industry due to their strength and thickness. They may be very hard, but this also means they can dry out easily and crack sooner because of the thickness.

Glossy Nail Preparation Process

Glossy nails need texture added to them. Adding texture, also called buffing, allows the primer and the base layers to grab onto something. Buffing can be done using a buffing block or a high grit softer file. To buff the nail surface properly, it's important to buff the entire surface from edge to edge. The entire nail should have a matte appearance. Buffing all the way to the edge will ensure that the primer and base coats will not peel at the edges.

Once the nails are buffed, you'll want to remove the dust from buffing by using a small nail brush. Once the dust is removed, a thin layer of primer will be applied. The primer will remove any grease and oil from the surface of the nail but it's important to use a thin layer. If too much primer is used, it can dry out the nail and cause premature cracking. 

After applying primer, you can now add the base coat. The base coat is very important because it remains tacky, and sticky once cured. This allows the layers of gel polish to stick to the nail. You'll only need a very thin layer of base coat to do the job. This is the entire preparation process for glossy finish blank nails. You can now add thin layers of your colored gel polish.

Textured Nail Preparation Process

The process for textured and pre-buffed nails is less involved than glossy clear nails. Since these nails already have some texture for the base coat to grab onto, you can skip the buffing step and move right to priming. 

For textured nails, your first step will be priming to remove oil and grease from the nails. This step is important because many of these nails will still have remnants of factory dirt and debris, even if you can't see it. Once primed, you can add your base coat and the nails will be ready for colored gel.

Pre-Buffed Nail Preparation Process

The last kind of nail, pre-buffed, are a bit different. The name 'pre-buffed' can be misleading. It's important to check and see if the underside of the nail, the top or both are pre-buffed. A pre-buffed underside serves the purpose of sticking to the natural nail better but doesn't change the preparation process. A nail that is pre-buffed on top will have a matte appearance on the nails surface. This means that the nail is already buffed.

The tricky part about pre-buff nails is knowing whether the nail is just pre-buffed or if there's also a layer of base coat pre-applied. The packaging of the nails should say whether there is a base coat pre-applied, if not, it's safe to assume there is no base coat and you will need to apply it yourself. If there is already a base coat applied, you can add your colored gel layers directly to them. If there is no base coat, you'll need to add a thin layer of base coat and cure it prior to adding colored gel.

A Trusted Brand

Searching for the absolute best press on nail can be a daunting task. But with FancyB Nails, you don’t have to stress. We understand the importance of quality and preparation when it comes to long-lasting press on nails. With specially tested materials to make sure our products pass your test. Choose FancyB Nails for a lasting and amazing set of press-on nails!

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